Top Best Place to Visit in Malta

February 17th 2021 in Explore
Top Best Place to Visit in Malta

Places To Visit In Malta To Make Your Trip Interesting

Malta is one of the amazing countries that offers a multitude of tourist attractions to its guests. As a visitor, you can not only find historical landmarks but beaches, statues, museums, architectures, palaces, parks, gardens, and statues across Malta.

In this post, we are going to cover over 90 places to visit after you rent a car in Malta. The cities include Valletta, Gozo, Mdina, Sliema, and Saint Julian's.

Pro tip before you start: Don’t go for the white cabs in Malta, they’re pricey. Using public transport otherwise is hectic and offers limited travel. Instead, rent a car Malta and move in a more personalized space.

90+ places to visit after you rent a car in Malta

We've covered +90 places to visit in Malta in a systematic way. So what you are going to witness from down here are must-visit places across 5 cities after you rent a car Malta. 4 of these cities are among the most popular cities in Malta. Starting from Valletta, then Gozo, Mdina, Sliema, and Saint Julian's.

There are beaches, historical landmarks, parks, gardens, museums, and much more.

The question is, will you be able to find the perfect fit for you?


Valletta is the navel of Malta. The capital marks as one of the most engaging places in the city, showered with a variety of places to visit.

There are sights for the kids, the history buffs, arts and culture enthusiasts, museum rats, and outdoor wanderers.

Perhaps, the variety of places to visit may be one of the factors that make Valletta one of the most popular places to visit in Malta. So make sure that you visit the city after you rent a car in Malta.

Top sights in Valletta:

Historical landmarks in Valletta, Malta:

• National War Museum - Fort St Elmo

• The Malta experience.

• Independence Monument.

• Paul Boffa Monument.

• Porte des Bombes.

Palaces in Valletta, Malta:

• Grandmaster Palace Courtyard.

• Casa Rocca Piccola.


• San Anton Palace.

• Palazzo Ferreria

Monuments in Valletta, Malta:

• Gorg Borg Olivier Monument.

• Sette Giugno Monument.

• Queen Victoria Statue.

• Siege Bell War Memorial.

• Victoria Gate.

Museums in Valletta, Malta:

• Palace Armoury (Historic collection of weapons and armor)

• National War Museum.

• National Museum of Archeology.

• The Lascaris war rooms.

• Malta at War Museum.

• Malta Postal Museum.

• Valletta Malta.

• MUZA - The Malta national community art museum.

• Saint-John's Cathedral Museum.

• The Knights Hospitallers.

• Reliving the Sacra Infermeria.


Gozo is a Maltese Island located in the Mediterranean Sea. Despite the fact of its size, it is able to organize one of the largest carnivals in the world.

Gozo is of pure Mediterranean taste, where the elderly round up in a village to debate their takes on hot political topics.

Today, Gozo ranks second in the list of must-visit places in Malta.

Remember the tip? Rent a car Malta and avoid white cabs especially.

Beaches in Gozo, Malta:

• Ramla beach.

• Xlendi bay.

• San Blas bay.

• Ramla bay.

• Marsalforn bay.

• Hondoq ir-Rummien

• Daħlet Qorrot Beach

• San Blas beach.

• Santa Maria bay.

• Ramla bay beach.

• Ghar Qawqla.

• Ramla taz-Zewwieqa.

• Marsalforn beach.

Historical landmarks in Gozo, Malta:

• Xaghra stone circle.

Statues in Gozo, Malta:

• Is-Salvatur

Museums in Gozo, Malta:

• Folklore museum.

• Natural Science museum.

• Gozo Museum of archeology.

• Old prison.

• II-Hagar Gozo museum.

• Museum of toys.

• Cathedral Museum.

• Dar Karmni Grima.

Architectures in Gozo, Malta:

• Xaghra Parish Church.

• Ghajnsielem Parish Church.

• Nadur Parish Church.

• Corpus Christi Parish Church.

Swimming sites in Gozo, Malta:

• Inland sea dive site.

• Blue lagoon.

• Hondoq bay.


Mdina is a fortified city that lies in the northern region of Malta. As for Mdina, it is said to be one of the best places to visit in Malta.

Despite being known as the silent city, it has sound places for history buffs.

Be it for history buffs or tourists, Mdina is the third most popular city to visit in Malta.

Reminder: Avoid white cabs and choose a hassle-free way to move for you. Travel in a personalized space and rent a car in Malta instead

Historical landmarks in Mdina, Malta:

• Vilhena palace.

• Greek gate.

• Mtarfa clock tower.

• Pjazza Mesquita.

• Palazzo Testaferrata.

Palaces in Mdina, Malta:

• Vilhena Palace.

• National museum of natural history.

• Palazzo Santa Sofia.

Museums in Mdina, Malta:

• The Mdina Dungeons Museum.

• Tales of the Silent City.

• Mdina Cathedral Museum.

• National Museum of natural history.

• Carmelite priory.

• The Knights of Malta.

• Tools, Trades, and Traditions Museum.

• Torre dello Standardo.

Tourist attractions in Mdina, Malta:

• Bastion Square.

• Casino Notabile.

• St Pauls Square.

Parks in Mdina, Malta:

• Mesquita square.

Architectures in Mdina, Malta:

• Mdina Gate.

• St. Paul's.

• Carmelite Priory.

• Palazzo Santa Sofia.

• Banca Giuratale.


Sliema is a waterfront location on the east coast of Malta. Sliema is no doubt one of the best places to visit in Malta.

Today, Sliema secures its position as one of the main hubs. You can easily find must-visit places near the area such as places related to arts, and culture, museums, and palaces.

Remember the Tip? White cabs are costly, monthly car rentals are cheaper than the weekly ones! Rent a car in Malta and travel freely.

Historical landmarks in Sliema, Malta:

Beaches in Sliema, Malta:

• St. George's bay.

• Sliema beach.

• Font Ghadir beach.

• MedAsia Playa.

• Qui-Si-Sana beach.

Museum in Sliema, Malta:

• Christine art gallery.

• National Museum of Archeology.

• National war museum - fort st Elmo.

• The Lascaris War Rooms.

• Malta Postal Museum.

• Valletta Malta.

• Christine X Art Gallery.

• The Knights Hospitallers.

• Reliving the Sacra Infermeria.

Harbors in Sliema, Malta:

• Sliema Ferry.

Saint Julian's:

A town that is known for beaches and its seaside location. The city offers appropriate places nearby and within and is one of the cities that you can visit in Malta.

You can also find restaurants on the beachside and get a chance to witness traditional fishing boats at Spinola bay and eateries nearby.

The last reminder, make sure that you remember it: Leave the public transport and the white cabs. Rent a car in Malta and travel just like you would in your own car.

Beaches in Saint Julian's, Malta:

• Saint Julian's Bay.

• St. George's bay.

• Saint Julian's beach.

• Fond Ghadir beach.

• Balluta bay beach.

• Spinola Bay.

Harbor in Saint Julian's, Malta:

Small fisherman’s harbour.

Before you go.

Malta has sights and places for Museum rats, history buffs, arts and culture enthusiasts, and outdoor wanderers as well! The question is did you find yours? If you're planning a trip to Malta, it is important to remember one thing. Whenever you see a white cab, it means high prices. So it is always better to rent a car in Malta because public transport means limited travel.