Malta Food: Where and what to eat in Malta

February 16th 2023 in Explore
Malta Food: Where and what to eat in Malta

BEST Restaurants in Malta

Renting a car gives you the opportunity to explore the city and savour Malta's mouthwatering dishes. Traditional Maltese food shows strong influences from Italian, Spanish, French, British, Arabic, and other Mediterranean cuisines. This Mediterranean paradise continues to fascinate food lovers thanks to its wide variety of traditional and local cuisines. This is your food guide when you land over to Malta. Ready to drive and dig in?

stuffat tal-fenek- A traditional rabbit stew, is considered the national dish of Malta. This lovingly prepared dish is slow cooked to ensure the meat falls off the bone and blends with a rich tomato, red wine and garlic sauce.

Fra Giuseppe

Located in Balzan, Malta, this wine and coffee bar is the best place to go if you are looking for the perfect combination of rich history and delicious food. Set in a 300-year-old building that was meticulously restored for the public to enjoy. Today, locals and tourists alike can enjoy a variety of food, such as Ftiras (Maltese sandwich), Focaccia (flatbread), platters, salads, wraps, and other small eats. Fra Giuseppe is also famous for its wine and coffee selection. Ready to dig in at Fra Giuseppe’s?


This tiny little restaurant in a tiny little village offers such good food. They have excellent pasta and excellent desserts. The menu is very limited but everything is made in small batches and the ingredients are handpicked so the quality of the food is always fresh. For many years this has been the place to go to for straightforward food.along with a good choice of beers and wine. Drive over to Smugglers now!

The Lucky Goose Gastro

Looking for an out of this world service and great food? The lucky goose gastro has it all for you. From wine pairing, tapas and hefty entrees and the ambience will make your trip to Malta unforgettable. The place is very cosy, and modern. Try their platter of steak: Filet steak, Pichana, Irish ribeye and T bone. Order some entrees at the Lucky Goose now!

Madliena Lodge

Perched on top of Madliena, surrounded by lush greenery and commanding excellent north-western coastal views, Madliena Lodge is truly one of a kind. Keeping the 18th-century architecture and more so amplifying the features which are nowadays pretty scarce on our island was imperative. These features include our two stone original fireplaces and our breath-taking inner courtyard (which boasts original 150-year-old tiles). Try their "Blood orange curd tart" it is a melt in your mouth experience you won't forget. Drive over to Madliena’s now!

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