Malta Seasons: 7 Reasons to Go to Malta in the Spring

March 14th 2023 in Travel
Malta Seasons: 7 Reasons to Go to Malta in the Spring

Enduring the High Season

Spring is Malta's shoulder season, significantly less crowded than the peak season of July to September. It means more extraordinary deals and cheaper Malta vacations. That also means quieter flights and hotels, so you won't have to compete for sun loungers.

Enjoy The Sun

It may be shoulder season, but expect something other than perfect weather. Summer temperatures are frequently 30°C or more, making it extremely hot and dry. April and May are more like 12-23°C, which is still warm but much more bearable!

You Might Have The Beach To Yourself

The gentler spring season means fewer visitors everywhere, including the busier beaches. But you might have the place if you go to one of Malta's secret beaches.

Many beaches in Malta and Gozo are relatively unexplored by tourists, particularly those that are difficult to access or can only be reached on foot. Ask a local for a recommendation and enjoy your own private beach.

Malta Fireworks Festival

The Malta International Fireworks Festival brings bangs and crackles to Malta every spring. It's an annual celebration held over three nights in various locations throughout Malta, culminating in the Grand Finale above Valletta's harbour.

Festa Frawli

Imġarr, a small rural town in Malta, is famous for its strawberries. The community celebrates its high-quality products in the spring with a Strawberry Feast. Strawberries will be abundant: on their own, in cakes, on waffles, as preserves, and in milkshakes. Strawberry wine is allegedly available!

Greener in Spring

Hot, dry summers make Malta virtually unbearable during peak season - allegedly, it's not uncommon for air conditioning to trigger blackouts during peak times!

Although rainfall is sparse in the spring, much of the island remains green and beautiful after winter rains. As a result, this is a significantly more pleasant and scenic time of year to visit Malta.

Enjoy Distinctive Village Festas (Feasts)

The village festas are one of Malta's most renowned cultural events (feasts). Every hamlet has a patron saint, and each saint has a feast day as the village's main event.

These festas occur all year, but many occur in the spring, so this is a terrific way to experience a particular aspect of Malta's culture. Consider traditional costume parades, vibrant music, and fireworks. And, of course, plenty of traditional food and drink will be available all night!