Malta Driving Tips: How to Find the Right Parking Spot in Malta?

February 18th 2021 in Explore
Malta Driving Tips: How to Find the Right Parking Spot in Malta?

Perfect Parking spot in malta

Be it that you drive a Mercedes or Kia Picanto, we all are driven crazy when it comes to finding the right parking space in Malta.

Parking spots are hard to find when it comes to the busy streets of Malta. This is especially true when you are trying to go out for an outing in its cities.

First of all, the streets are crowded in peak tourist seasons and secondly, when you finally end up finding one, there is no parking sign.

Before we start, it is important for you to know that you should avoid public transport at all costs. Instead, you should rent a car in Malta. Keep reading to find out why.

So, how to find the right parking spot when it comes to crowded spaces, busy streets, and hassle-loaded jams?

To find a befitting answer to this question, we will dive headfirst into some of the facts that surround Maltese traffic and transportation. Secondly, we shall let you in on three types of parking behaviours. Thirdly, a calculated way of reaching your destiny on time and finding a parking spot as a result despite the traffic.

That being said, let's dive headfirst into the facts!

Why is it hard to find Parking in Malta?

First of all, the traffic is congested because the streets and roads are narrow. This is why it is preferable for you to rent a small car in Malta. If you end up hiring a larger vehicle, you will be faced with difficulties most of the time.

Yes, you will be able to see larger vehicles enjoying privilege on the main roads, but that privilege is not a long-lasting experience, and that is for sure.

Important tip: When you rent a car in Malta, make sure it’s rather small. Streets and roads are narrow.

Secondly, there are many tourist attractions, historical landmarks, museums, and much more that catch the eye. The problem is not plenty of attractions, but the size of Malta. When many tourist attractions are available in a country that's the size of Malta, traffic inevitably gets congested. Plus, it is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. There are 164+ locations approximately across Malta that you can visit and we have covered them in our post "≈ 164 Astounding & heart stomping places to visit in Malta!".

Roads are filled with public transport and vehicles in Malta. However, you would want to avoid public transport as maintaining social distancing in a social setting is a vague idea.

Important tip: Speaking of public transport, you should also avoid white cabs. They are very expensive and you can’t afford them daily.

Secondly, travelling on public transport can be very limiting and unfriendly. It is better to rent a car in Malta and travel the way you want.

Keeping these facts in perspective, you can now imagine how difficult travelling in Malta can become. Indeed, reaching on time is one of the biggest challenges that you can face while travelling in this state. Places like Sliema and Saint Julian's are supposed to the prominently challenging places when it comes to the tourist attractions and hence, the traffic density.

Parking behaviours that you should know before parking in Malta

Parking is a technical task after you rent a car in Malta. However, it is not an impossible thing to do. Get to know the parking behaviours and find out which is the better one.Meek drivers are efficient in wasting no time when looking for a parking space. Whenever they are able to spot a parking space, they immediately go for it. These drivers never tend to be inclined towards making any calculations before utilizing the available space. This is why these drivers have to walk all the way to the entrance from their parking spot. This strategy is not good at all, as a good spot is discoverable and utilizable if a little more searching is done.

Then comes the prudent drivers. These drivers tend to perform some level of calculation when it comes to parking their vehicles. These are the drivers that tend to think before they park, rather than deciding to settle in quickly without a thought. More than merely a whim, these drivers tend to look for the first available space between the parked vehicles. These drivers park at the leftmost space and are wiser than the rest of their counterparts. Their quality of calculation can be particularly helpful when they are about to rent a car in Malta. It is because comparing prices and detecting expansive services is a part of the whole process.

Then comes Optimistic Driver, the third behaviour/strategy, which is a complete gamble. So instead of parking at the first spot that they are able to find or utilizing the first space between parked vehicles. These drivers insist on finding 'the right spot'. For them, the right spot is the nearest spot to their desired parking slot. These drivers are at a higher risk of wasting time in a crowded place.

You can learn more about the science behind finding the perfect parking spot from here.

A way of finding the right parking spot in Malta

Before we start, this plan does not and cannot apply if you travel on public transport. This is only applicable once you rent a car in Malta because this plan presupposes that you have your own vehicle.

Check the peak business hours.

Set a different time for the visit.

Choose a less busy route.

Calculate how early you can leave in order to reach your destination on time and find the right parking spot using the Prudent strategy/behaviour.

So first of all, you need to check the peak business hours. It is because you are less likely to find a parking space during peak business hours. You can easily find peak business hours on Google.

Once you discover the peak business hours, set a different time of visit (if possible). Try to visit a business during its low hours. There are two main advantages that you can reap in exchange. First of all, you are likely to be served with proper attention. Secondly, you will easily be able to find a parking space.

Thirdly, once you have decided to visit the business in its low hours, go on Google Maps and choose a less busy route. Choosing a less busy route towards your destination is a good way to ensure reaching on time and finding the right parking space in exchange.

Fourthly, calculate the overall time that it will take for you to reach your destination in its low hours. How? One of the many good things about Google Maps is that it tells you how long it will take for you to reach your destination by walking, car, and bike.

You can only reap these advantages after you rent a car in Malta. Public transport can’t help you in this position.


Finding the right parking space in Malta gets hard sometimes. Being one of the most densely populated countries in the world, it somehow also manages to welcome tourists.

So you are likely to find congested traffic and filled-up parking space already.

Thus, making informed decisions is the only way available at your disposal to overcome traffic hardships.

How will you do that? By learning parking behaviours and coming up with the right game plan to help you find the right parking space in Malta.