Malta Activities: Places To Visit In Malta

May 5th 2021 in Malta Trips
Malta Activities: Places To Visit In Malta

Top Most Popular Places To Visit In Malta

Figuring out what things to do in Malta? Day cruising, visiting historic sites, and a lot of tours are top activities to do in Malta.

You will find a list of tours, for example, cultural tours, historical tours, archeology tours, and the like.

So, what's the reason? It's simple.

Malta is a tourist attraction. It attracts the tourist's attention like a magnet. And there are many tourists who like to visit this place.

The interesting fact, however, it measures 316 km2 in total.

And the best way to cover it is by hiring a car for rent.

Drive all the way, know what things to do in Malta, explore places, and make your move a memorable one!

Some of the Interesting and Popular Things To Do In Malta.

Malta is a place of beauty.

So to witness that beauty, one of the popular things to do in Malta is Touring.

This is why you are able to find Cultural tours, art tours, historic tours, and archaeological tours.

But make no mistake about it, it's a beautiful place that is an attraction magnet for tourists around the world.

And the possibilities suggest that you will be struck with its beauty as well.

Day Cruising

Day cruising is one of the popular things to do in Malta.

For those of you who don't know what Day Cruising is, it is enjoying cruising on the water without having a specific destination to reach.

Just like you like to roam around or walk down thoroughfares to get that fresh feeling and re-energize yourself.

Day cruising is another version of strolling down thoroughfares.

According to Tripadvisor, it is one of the popular activities in Malta.


Visiting Historic places is the second of the top things to do in Malta.

We all know that Malta is a tourist attraction. And so one of the Malta attractions is historic places.

For those who have a taste for visiting historic places and have been a museum rat or history, geek will enjoy visiting these places.

For this audience, it is just like reliving the moments passed in history.

And since Malta is a tourist attraction, you may find historic sites among the best places to visit in Malta.

Cultural Tours

So among the popular things to do in Malta is cultural tours.

Each country or state has its own culture.

And that is also one of the most shocking things that you can discover on a tour.

It gets surprising for tourists to see how they define certain behaviours as deviant and how they are able to see those behaviours getting encouraged.

For example, It's illegal to forget the birthday of your wife in Samoa. A person from Britain may get surprised after learning about this fact. Not because they are used to forgetting birthdays or dates, but because they may find 'forgetting' being labelled as 'illegal' deviant itself!

Archeology Tours

Archaeology tours rank in the list of popular things to do in Malta.

Archaeology is all about seeing the beauty hidden in structural design.

Well, that of course is a challenge for architecture.

However, what you are there to do is witness the art that just took place and contributed its role in the overall beauty of Malta.

So if you want to see the beauty of structural designs, then archeological sites are one of the places to go in Malta for you!

Private Day Trips

Want to further your exploration of Malta? Go for the Private Day Trips. It ranks in the list of popular things to do in Malta.

A private day trip is a trip where you are able to hire a personal vehicle, a driver, and a guide.

Build a team on rent to explore Malta's most popular landmarks and sites.

This is one of the ways to explore a place that totally measures 316 km2.

Not too cost-efficient, however.

An easy way and the best alternative to this option is to rent a car in Malta, become a driver, and open google maps or get a GPS.

That way, you are able to get your personal vehicle on rent, cut the driver from the scene and get a digital guide.

Easy-peasy now?

Art Tours

Also ranks among the popular things to do in Malta.

This is where you get to witness the art, the unique perspective, and how it’s painted by the holder.

However, you shouldn't be confused about one thing, and that is the repetition of the tour.

Look, each country and state has its own way of engaging people.

The case with Malta is its beauty. To witness it, you have to do one thing and that is tour.

However, what shall ease you is the fact that once you rent a car, you can easily tour this place.


Malta attracts tourists from all around the world.

Despite the fact that it measures 316 km2. And you can easily cover it.

The best way to cover and tour Malta is through a rental car. That way, you can easily avoid the hassle of public transport.

The norms which you already don't know as a tourist.

Finally, the reason why you are able to find multiple tours ranking in the list of popular things to do in Malta is that it has wonderful places!

So touring ranks among the top things to do in Malta.

If you are planning to visit Malta, then one of the things you need to make sure of is that you have a vehicle.

You can easily hire a car for rent, but make sure that you know Car hire in Malta: Charges and Recommendations.