Malta Travels: Things to know before Visiting Malta

May 20th 2021 in Travel
Malta Travels: Things to know before Visiting Malta

Visiting Malta? Do you know its norms? One of the things that vary widely across the globe is Norms and Laws. Each country has its own. Surely yours too! And what's fascinating is the fact that we all live in the same world, and still, some gestures that we may consider appropriate, others may consider deviant. This is why it is absolutely necessary to learn the laws and customs of the place you are visiting. Similarly, when visiting Malta, you need to know its laws and norms. What Are Some Of The Norms To Take Care Of When Visiting Malta?

What Are Some Of The Norms To Take Care Of When Visiting Malta?

Whenever visiting a state, we know it has its own norms. One of the fun examples that we can give to you is Samoa. Did you know that it is illegal to forget your wife's birthday in Samoa? Similarly, there are various norms across the world that may or may not align with where you are coming from. So what you might consider normal may be considered deviant in other parts of the world. But that's about the culture. What about laws? Are there the same laws across the world when it comes to driving and following traffic? Well, things like seatbelts and avoiding distractions while driving are pretty much global. However, when visiting Malta, you need to take care of those laws that are applicable in that part of the world. That being said, below are some important things to consider when visiting Malta.

Are There Any Tolls?

The last thing you want when driving is tolls. When visiting Malta or Malta Tourist Attractions, you won't find any tolls whatsoever. You can easily enjoy free driving and reach your destination the way you want, without getting charged! However, there is a congestion charge which you need to pay. But remember, this congestion charge is payable in Valletta.

Do I Need To Apply Seatbelt To The Children 3-11?

Well, if you are on a family vacation then you probably have children with you. No worries, there are no complicated laws to follow when it comes to traveling with children and visiting Malta. So, what are those laws? Traveling With Children. The law in Malta wants children aged between 3 and 11 and measuring under 150cm to use an appropriate child restraint if seated on the front seat. However, if children are in the rear seat then they are required to use the adult seatbelt. Albeit, the child restraint seat is preferable, this is only to be done if a child restraint seat is not available. And remember, Children under 3 years of age are required to use an appropriate child restraint.

Will I Have To Drive On The Left Hand-Side?

When visiting Malta, remember that its traffic is that of the UK. You are supposed to drive on the left-hand side of the road. Remember, this is going to be hard for those who are used to driving on the right-hand side of the road. Turns and the driving experience can be confusing. So, what's preferable? If you know that you will be visiting Malta and staying for a longer duration, practice driving like that. This is not only going to be super helpful for you but for those that are going to be around you when you drive in Malta.

Can I Use A Phone While Driving In Malta?

It is strictly prohibited by Maltese law to use a phone while driving. When visiting Malta, you need to take care of this law and avoid using the phone at all costs. However, what you can do is use handsfree. Even then, distracted driving is not ideal at any cost and you should even avoid using hands-free. That is because distracted driving causes accidents. Therefore, practice defensive driving and stay focused. Read More About Safe Driving - Defensive Driving

How Are Maltese People?

Whenever you are travelling to a state or a country, one of the things that matters the most is its people. Now when visiting Malta, you will find Maltese people are lovely patient and enduring. So, most of the time the chances are that you are not going to run into hotheaded drivers. But, sometimes it can happen as well. So when it does you can contribute to the peace and loveliness of Malta by staying patient and maintaining harmony. But as said, Maltese people are generally patient. Sometimes when they lose their patients it may be because of the traffic. The thing is that in Malta streets are narrow. When the streets are narrow traffic can get adjusted. And when this happens, people can lose their patience.


When visiting Malta, we need to know its laws and how are Maltese people. These facts help us paint a picture on the canvas of our imagination and therefore, we can manage ourselves better when we reach. So, did you enjoy learning about Malta? If you want to know more about driving, you can read How To Find The Right Parking Spot In Malta. And if you are looking for places to visit, things to do, and rental cars, we have got you covered in our blog section. Just be sure to visit and if you don't see your concern mentioned, you can reach out to us! Enjoy Visiting Malta!