Malta Guides: Is it Better to Rent a Car in Malta or Not?

February 18th 2021 in Car Rentals
Malta Guides: Is it Better to Rent a Car in Malta or Not?

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It is of course better to rent a car in Malta as we want to avoid public transport due to the spread of Coronavirus, stay mobile, and travel in a personalized manner with intact privacy.

The public transport system is said to be very efficient in Malta. That may be particularly true, however, there is a fact that we cannot ignore. Everyone knows including you, that public transport can be a hectic way to move across the city. No one can travel all day long and 5 days a week on public transport. Each and every one of us values privacy and prefers to move in a personalized manner rather than searching for seats and tickets.

Moreover, the world has recently started moving on after a heavy brake that was put on due to the immense pressure of Coronavirus. To rent a car Malta and avoid public transport at this point is not only a necessity of the time but a safe and rather a healthy choice.

Lastly, we all are naturally inclined towards ease. Why would you want to wait for a cab or to arrive when you can have your own personalized vehicle parked nearby. You can easily visit more remote places and travel with facilities. Remember, staying mobile is better than staying on the wait.

Facts to know before you rent a car in Malta:

Narrow roads.

Drive on the left-hand side of the road.

Usual speed limit: 50 km/h.

Urban area’s usual speed limit: 80 km/h.

Major roads are well.

Generally, drivers in Malta are patient and polite.

Expect local drivers to be irritated and impatient sometimes.

Larger cars are a little privileged (due to their size) in traffic. So, be careful on the main roads.

Traffic is likely to be congested in Malta.

Opting for diesel is an economical way to travel.

No tolls on the roads.

Roads in Malta are narrow. Therefore, smaller cars are worth renting in Malta. Once you hire a smaller car for rent, you can easily fit in the congested traffic. Larger vehicles tend to poorly perform in congested traffics and often end up messing the whole scene. Plus, larger vehicles are more expensive than smaller ones. Therefore, it is much better to get a smaller car for rent. They can perform better on narrow roads and congested traffic scenes.

While you are driving in Malta, you should know about its average speed limits to keep your driving decisions in line with the law. The usual speed limit is noted to be 50 km/h whereas you can enjoy hitting the 80 km/h mark in urban areas. However, speeding even under limits is not recommended in Malta. The reason behind this is purely simple. Since the roads are narrow and the traffic gets congested, the chances of undergoing unpleasant experiences increases. So stay wise and drive safely.

Onto the driving norms, white cabs, and economical way to travel. As for the driving norm, it is pretty simple, you drive on the left-hand side of the road. The driving practice is very usual for the Australian populace and as well as the U.K. Now for an important mention. BEWARE OF THE WHITE CABS. Not because they are fraudulent, but because they're an expensive way to travel. And keeping in line with the pocket-friendly way to travel, we advise you to stay away from patrol. Instead, choose diesel, it is cheaper than petrol.

What people ask before they rent a car in Malta:

Is it worth renting a car in Malta?

Renting a car to travel in Malta is imperative, keeping the pandemic in perspective. Since the coronavirus, avoiding public transport and opting for rental cars has become the top pick for a covid-free travel experience. If you want to keep yourself away from covid, being a time-bond, and being immobile, then you should rent a car in Malta.

Is it easy to drive in Malta?

It is easy to drive in Malta for people who belong to the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. Why? It is because the driving norm in Malta is driving on the left-hand side of the road. The norm is already observed in the mentioned countries makes it much easier to keep up their habit in accordance with the law.

Can you rent a car in Malta?

Of course, you can rent a car in Malta and you should too. It is a hassle-free way to move across the state and keep yourself mobile and free from being a time-bond. So before you ask yourself "Do I need to rent a car in Malta?" just remember that it's not only a hassle-free way to move but a more healthy way to move as well. As to observing social distancing in a pretty social environment (public transport) itself is a hassle in and of itself. So do you need to rent a car in Malta? The answer is yes.


Public transport limits your mobility, wastes your time, and consumes your energy.

Plus, you move in sacrificed privacy and are exposed to touch points.

Whereas it is important to make sure that you reach on time, the vehicle parked nearby, and stay ready to move when needed.

These privileges are enjoyed by those who rent a car in Malta. So, why do you wanna miss out? It is not only a healthy way to move but a more efficient way to make memories throughout your journey.