Ultimate Guide to Malta : What do You Need to Know about Car Rentals in Malta?

February 24th 2021 in Car Rentals
Ultimate Guide to Malta : What do You Need to Know about Car Rentals in Malta?

The Ultimate Guide to Car Rental in Malta

Car Rentals in Malta can be an amazing experience if informed decisions are made.

So in this post, we try to move you past your 'whims' in an attempt to let you make informed decisions.

However, all that begins by delivering the necessary information and converting it into knowledge by letting you plan and decide accordingly.

You can rent a car in Malta for one day, week, or on a monthly basis as well. But remember: The longer you rent, the lesser you pay. This is why car leasing in Malta is even cheaper than monthly car rentals.

However, you not only can but you should rent a car in Malta keeping its public transport and traffic conditions in perspective. You will come to know later in this post about the disadvantages of each mode of travel.

So what we are focused on doing is answering questions and attending queries in this post in order to deliver real value and make it easy for you to car rentals in Malta.

Important tip: The smaller (in size) the car you rent, the easier it gets. As the roads in Malta are narrow, you should not rent a car Malta 7 seater or a similar-sized vehicle. Instead, focus on the smaller-sized vehicles such as Kia Picanto and the like.

Where to rent a car in Malta?

You can rent a car in Malta at the airport and various other locations as well. However, it is always better that you avoid hiring a car on rent at the airport.

As for Malta, you can rent a car in Malta in Sliema, which is one of the most popular places in Malta to visit. You can also rent a car in Malta St Julians which also marks its position as being near to Malta's tourist attractions such as upper Barakka gardens which are located in Valletta.

Moreover, you can also rent a car in Malta Valetta, all of these locations are covered in our blog post: ≈164 Astounding places to visit after you rent a car in Malta. By the way, you can enjoy your car hire in Valletta and easily visit tourist attractions without hustling in public transport or trying to afford expensive white cabs.

How to rent a car in Malta at cheap prices?

So you want to get cheap car rentals in Malta? There are five steps that you'll need to take.

Firstly, in order to rent a car in Malta cheap, you will need to define your financial capacity. Once you decide what's your budget, you will then settle in a position to filter out all the options that will get thrown in your way.

Secondly, avoid luxurious cars to rent a car in Malta cheapest. The reason is that luxurious cars are more advanced in their features and consequently cost more.

Thirdly, rent a car in Malta at the best price by choosing smaller cars. It's a particularly useful tip in this regard because Maltese roads are narrow. Mostly, people find it hard to drive bigger and more spacious cars in Malta. So you should better avoid it.

Fourthly, the cheapest car rental Malta shall be available once you start comparing prices.

Lastly, select a vehicle that is satisfying your needs by resolving your issue with its features. Don't become obsessed with stle and elegance while leaving the functionality behind.

To know the answer to how much to rent a car in Malta, you should know the car rental Malta price.

However, there is one thing for sure. Avoid hiring a car on rent when you're at the airport as renting a car malta airport cheap is a comparative thing and not a definite one.

What it means is that whenever you are searching for car rentals that are cheaper at the airport, it only means that they are cheaper than their counterparts (comparatively/comparison).

However, this 'cheap' is not 'definite' as Malta car rental cost at the airport is not cheap overall. BUT, they're still better than the white cabs which are too expensive to afford daily and much better than the public transport where you move with sacrificed privacy and 'social undistanced' environment.

You can book your rental car by visiting our homepage.

Can you rent a car in Malta long term?

Before we even begin answering this question, here's a rule of thumb that you need to remember: The longer you rent, the lesser you pay. This is the reason why leasing a car is cheaper than hiring monthly car rentals and monthly car rentals are cheaper than hiring weekly car rentals.

That being said, yes you can rent a car in Malta long term. We not only suggest but strongly recommend that you rent a car Malta long term if you are there for a month or two. Yes, you can also rent a car in Malta for a day and we strongly suggest that you do so if you are there for a day. Perhaps it can be that you rent a car in Malta on a Sunday.

But the reason why we are 'strongly' suggesting or recommending you is because of the hassle of the public transport.

There are three ways that you can utilize when you move around in Malta. Firstly, there is an option of public transport which is not meant for the long term at all. Secondly, you can opt for white cabs, but they are too expensive to be arranged daily. Then there are cab services.

But, you need to realize that Malta is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. There can be sometimes when traffic can get severely congested. So why do you want to engage in difficulty in the face of a facility? Rather, Car rentals in Malta and stay mobile!

How old are car rentals in Malta?

The legal driving age observed in Malta is 18. If you want to start driving in Malta, you should be 18 years old at a minimum. However, when we are talking about the age of renting a car in Malta, the age requirement completely changes. Rental companies have changed the age requirement to 23 or some even have increased it to 25. So 23 or 25 is the age to car rentals malta.


Malta is an amazing place, this is why it is able to attract tourism from different parts of the world. However, there are some traffic-related challenges that residents and tourists face regarding their travel.

The fact that Malta is one of the most densely populated countries in the world does not make it any better in terms of public transport.

No one wants to move with sacrificed privacy, 'socially undistanced', and expensive white cabs. Rather, you should consider staying mobile and car rentals in Malta.