Complete Guide to Driving in Malta : Charges and Recommendations

April 14th 2021 in Car Rentals
Complete Guide to Driving in Malta : Charges and Recommendations

Why a Rental Car is Better than Public Transport

Car hire in Malta is your way out from the hassles of public transport.

It not only saves you from the hassle of public transport, but it also lets you get the real value of getting from point A to Point B.

First of all, you don’t have to plan your whole prep according to the timings the bus arrival or a train.

Secondly, you can move across with intact privacy. Which you have to compromise when it comes to traveling in Public Transport.

Key Takeaways:

Public Transport makes you comply with their operation timings, whereas rental cars are medium that sets you free.

Car hire in Malta can cost from €18.42 to €33.64 per day.

  • Finalrentals strike the balance between the two and offer Ssangyong Tivoli or Similar in just €26.50.
  • When it comes to the car hire rates, here a rule of thumb: The longer you rent, the lesser you pay.
  • Addons increase the cost of your rental car, however, some of them are necessary. Therefore, don't overspend and neither categorically deny them.
  • Renting a car at the airport is expensive.
  • Finalrentals still offers you Peugeot 108 for just €22.50 per day.
  • Make sure to read the pro tips before the conclusion.

Is it worth it doing the car hire in Malta?

Is it worth doing the car hire in Malta? Yes. Below are the reasons why.

Malta measures 316km2, So if you opt for public transport, you will get stuck in traffic poorly. Not only by then you will have to wait long since public transport is stuck in the traffic by the time it reaches you.

But also, you will get stuck afterward to reach your destination as well. Better rent a car in Malta so that you don't have to go through this struggle.

Here's the thing, if Malta is beautiful and its magnetic beauty attracts people from all over the world, we can't blame it. And it is true. Despite its size, Malta is a land that many enjoy and therefore, the traffic as well.

In this situation, what seems to be the most appropriate option is car hire in Malta.

So, should I hire a car in Malta? If you want to remain free from being constrained and dependent on Public Transport.

Public Transport is not a bad thing if you are trying to save money. Or if you don’t have enough in the first place.

However, if you have enough that you can decide whether Malta rent a car or Public Transport, then opting for public transport becomes a bad idea.

Two things are wrong with public transport. First, you are not free to travel. You have some limitations that are imposed by public transport.

Car hire in Malta is a better option as it solves these problems for you.

First of all, you can’t just get out of your residence and decide this is the exact time I want to move.

Well, you may want to, but the fact is that the bus or that train arrives at a certain time, which is not when you have left the residence. So now let’s get bored and wait.

Secondly, you have to travel with compromised privacy on public transport. Getting around Malta and traveling across doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your privacy! Stay smart!

How much does renting a car in Malta cost?

How much does car hire in Malta cost? On average, you can get a rental car at €33.64 per day, while you may also get it on €18.42 per day.

Finalrentals offers Ssangyong Tivoli or similar in €26.50 which means 31.52 US Dollars per day.

That is a lot cheaper than the average cost of $40 per day. And the flip side is, it is not much expensive than €18.42 per day either.

€18.42 per day for 30 days translates into £552.6 whereas £26.50 translates to £795 days.

However, this is not it. We all know a rule of thumb when it comes to car hire in Malta costs or anywhere in the world for that matter.

The longer you rent, the lesser you pay.

This is why weekly car rentals are cheaper than daily ones. And monthly car rentals are cheaper than the weekly ones.

Here's a list of rental cars that you can get from Finalrentals.

  • Peugeot 108 or similar at €22.50/day.
  • Ssangyong XLV or Similar in €29.50
  • DFSK Glory €45.50
  • Ssangyong Korando €49.50
  • Ssangyong Rexton €99.50

The cost of car hire in Malta also depends upon how many add-ons do you use. If there are multiple add-ons that you use, then the cost of the rental car is likely to go higher.

However, it is equally important to note the following: Avoiding the add-ons does not also mean that you have to stay away from them at all costs. This is not true.

What if you do need a child protection seat? What if you do need a GPS to get around? So striking the balance between the two extremes is important.

Car hire in Malta: Is it better to rent a car at the airport?

A piece of general advice usually passed on to the people when they talk about this issue is in the negative.

Usually, people are told to avoid hiring a car for rent when they are at the airport. So whether we are talking about car hire in Malta or we are talking about Dubai, this advice remains the same.

So, the question is ‘is it true?’ Yes, it is generally true. However, not absolutely.

The reason is that you can still get Peugeot 108 or similar in €22.50/day with Finalrentals. Making car hire Malta easy for you.

First Car Hire Malta: Pro Tips before you hire a car.

  • Make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the rental car company. If you don't you are at a higher risk because you may consider something innocent while it may trigger the rental car company.
  • Read car hire in Malta company’s terms and conditions carefully. Make sure that everything looks perfect. Look for any indicators that may highlight the possible falsification of the document to avoid fraud.
  • Check the car you hired for rent carefully. Look for any possible damages. It is possible that you leave the office with an unnoticeably damaged car and later be accredited for the damage upon your return.
  • Consider checking out norms of driving in Malta as each country has its norms of doing everything.
  • It is pretty important to know how to find the right parking spot in Malta.
  • When you do the car hire in Malta, make sure that it’s a relatively small car. It is because the streets are narrow. You can’t drive big cars without wasting much of your time.


The view of Malta is serene, peaceful, and beautiful. And maybe this is the reason why Malta is a magnet for those who love beauty. But what adds to the awesomeness is that Malta is relatively a small space. It is roughly 316km2.

Do you know what that means? It means that you can cross the island of Malta in a car or a bus in an hour.

This is why Car hire in Malta becomes a stronger option for people. Public transport anywhere in the world can arguably wear people out.

Maltese Public Transport may be good but the fact is that the traffic will play its full role in ruining your experience. It is because, after all that traffic, the last thing you would want will be walking to your destination.